Hong Kong Human Rights Report 2023

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We are a group of human rights defenders from Hong Kong with background in policy and legal research. In 2022, we founded the Hong Kong Centre for Human Rights to keep the world informed of the latest human rights, legal and political development in Hong Kong, and to facilitate public discourse in Hong Kong by monitoring and examining human rights based on international human rights standards.

We share the same conviction as fellow human rights defenders all over the world that universal human rights and international standards are essential for addressing global challenges, and are fundamental to the promotion of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. We trust that Hongkongers believe so too.

In solidarity with fellow Hongkongers, we are now all set to advocate for Hong Kong. Let’s get started.

Our Work


To provide credible and reliable information to the world, we keep a close eye on the development of human rights, the rule of law, and politics in Hong Kong.


To enrich and facilitate public discussion, we analyse the latest development in Hong Kong based on international human rights laws and standards.

Training & Education

To enhance the capacity of civil society, we provide training and education to those who are dedicated to promote human rights and civil society.

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